Ali Banisadr


$5,041.00 $5,041.00 $5,551.00 $5,551.00 Edition of 50

115cm x 92cm (unframed); 122cm x 99cm x 5cm (framed) 115cm x 92cm (unframed); 122cm x 99cm x 5cm (framed)


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Ali Banisadr narrates stories of our time with epic, densely textured canvases that blend abstraction and figuration.


Banisadr’s first Avant Arte edition has seen him work closely with a team of artisan printers to develop a bespoke process combining traditional materials with cutting edge technology. In his own words, the challenge “was to adapt the language of my painting to printmaking as if I was painting it.”


An edition of 50, Thinkpol is a 41 colour screenprint on Rives BFK White 300gsm with hand-torn edges. Each piece is signed, dated and numbered by the artist. 


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The Iranian-born American artist’s compositions have a mythic, at times hellish, scale and atmosphere — drawing comparisons to the epic poems of Dante’s Inferno and paintings by Hieronymus Bosch. Through kinetic mark making and thoughtful storytelling, Banisadr forces the viewer to look more carefully — not just at painting, but at life.