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The Ultimate Journey - Gold

€1,132.08 €1,132.08 Edition of 70

71cm x 97cm 71cm x 97cm

Paul Insect, the high profile and reclusive artist who has sold work for upwards of $50,000 dollars at Sothebys, produces work that are a collision of colour and The Ultimate Journey is no exception. Produced as a 10 colour screen print on a 410gsm somerset radiant white paper with glazes and glitter and large diamond dust on the face and clouds. The Ultimate Journey was a 6 month endeavor of close collaborative efforts between Paul Insect, Avant Arte and Coriander Studios. The final product is created using cutting edge methods and techniques such as over printing, gloss varnish, UV varnish, glass glitter and diamond dust. Each print is individually signed and numbered by Paul Insect. Important note: The diamond dust on the print can fall off a little bit this is not a mistake but a part of the print.
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Street art’s more chaotic language has morphed into elements of graphic quality, clean design, and playful motifs. The studio is still much the same, layered with colour, curious objects and spray cans.