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Lady Dots

€2,000 €2,000 Edition of 75

19.7cm x 20.2cm x 25.4cm 19.7cm x 20.2cm x 25.4cm

The familiar and the strange merge exquisitely in Alake Shilling’s inimitable world — welcoming us to reflect on the boundless yet universal nature of human emotion.


Lady Dots is an edition of 75 made in hand moulded, frit-dyed porcelain, number two in a series of four sculptures curated by Darren Romanelli. The works introduce a collection of the recurring characters who appear throughout Shilling’s practice and — as the first release of their kind — offer an unprecedented opportunity to access her work.


“Lady dots is a beautiful strong bug and she has strong bug arms and a beautiful candy-coated shell. She’s a rough and tumble bug, but also very graceful.”


Alake’s signature is included in the design, while the edition number is etched by hand on the underside of the sculpture.


For more information on the first edition from the series, Jolly Bearsee here. Tippy Tiger and Buggy Bear will be available later in 2021.

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Alake Shilling's warped and wild dreamworld is alive with emotion and whimsical nostalgia.